After Being Positive in Pregnancy Test, Doctors Found Something Else in This Mom’s Ultrasound

Being blessed with a child is such a huge blessing that causes unexplainable happiness. Being pregnant with a child is a joyful feeling accompanied with a lot of challenges physically and mentally.



Physical challenges include major body and hormones changes, cravings, back pains and more while mental challenges includes the anxiety of delivering a healthy baby.

But aside from these challenges, a mom could actually expect for the worst. Just like what happened to this unidentified mother of one who supposedly expecting for her second baby.

The mother together with her husband discovered that they were expecting another blessing after doing a pregnancy test, when the result says positive, both of them were filled with so much joy.



Everything went fine until the mother becomes regularly sick, since the mother didn’t experience the same illness during her first pregnancy, they decided to visit a doctor and have it checked.



But instead of getting a cure for her illness, doctors discovered something different when they first viewed the mother’s womb thru her first ultrasound. They found out that there is actually no baby living inside.

Instead, doctors discovered that the mother’s womb was filled with grape-like noncancerous tumors that developed in the uterus; this case is called “molar pregnancy.”




Molar pregnancy begins when the fertilized egg leads to a viable pregnancy wherein the placenta develops into an abnormal mass of cysts.



In order to remove the tumors, the mother underwent a surgery called full hysterectomy in order for the doctors save her whole reproductive organ.

Let this story be a warning to all women to have a regular check up to ensure your reproductive organ is healthy.


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