Woman Who Skips Breakfast Everyday Was Rushed To The Hospital Because of Severe Abdominal Pain. The Doctors Were Shocked What They Saw Inside.

Are you the kind of person who often rush in the morning and would only have a cup of coffee for breakfast? Are you not a morning person and would rather skip breakfast than wake up early in the morning?



Well, the case of this 45-year-old woman from China might actually change your mind about skipping breakfast.

The patient only identified as Ms. Chen started her ordeal 10 years ago when she began suffering from abdominal pain. When she had it consulted, doctors advised her undergo surgery but she refused the operation because she was afraid of it.

A decade after, Ms. Chen’s decision already took a toll on her health and started suffering from unbearable abdominal pain. She was then rushed to Guanji Hospital where over 200 stones were removed from her body after a six and half hour operation.

The surgeons who removed the stones from Ms. Chen’s body said that they found it from her gallbladder and liver. They claimed that the formation of stones inside her body was actually caused by her habit of skipping breakfast for more than a decade.



Doctors also added that Ms. Chen has irregular eating hours and often eats leftovers.

Gallstones are tiny crystals made out of cholesterol and formed inside the gallbladder. According to NHS, people who might likely suffer from gallstones are females, overweight persons, and those aged 40 and above.



According to Dr. Quan Xuwei, one of the surgeons who did Ms. Chen’s operation, most of his patients who suffers in gallstones are likely the ones who to skips or rush their breakfast. He explained that when a person skipped breakfast, their gallbladder stops shrinking or expanding causing the bile to build up inside leading to high cholesterol and calcium level.



Meanwhile, UK experts said that there is no scientific basis to support the claim that skipping breakfast may lead to gallstones. British Society of Gastroenterology Vice President Dr. George Webster said that this common worldwide problem’s cause is not yet clear in the medical world.

Nonetheless, breakfast is considered by many specialists to be the most important meal of the day that people should always take.

Would you still skip breakfast after reading this story?

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SOURCE: Daily Mail

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