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This Haunted House Attraction Claims To Be The World’s Scariest And They Have Pictures Of Their Visitors To Prove It

The Nightmare’s Fear Factory is a haunted house attraction in Niagara Falls, Canada, and one of the oldest running haunted houses in North America. The house has been described as the “scariest and best haunted house attraction” and in case you don’t believe them, the owners of the 30-year old establishment publishes a regularly updated stream of pictures showing terrified visitors shrieking and grimacing with genuine fear.



The house is so frightening that visitors have a safety word, which is “Nightmares”. They can utter the safety word at any time if they wish to be escorted out.



In the last 30 years, about a half-million people have gone through, and many have opted out part way and had their names added to a public “chicken list”.



Over 110,000 people have elected to use the ‘chicken exit’ during the 15-minute tour.



The tour takes anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes and is in total darkness, except for small red lights on the floors, walls, and ceiling that patrons must follow in order to get through the haunted house.



Unlike conventional haunted houses, the Nightmares Fear Factory doesn’t rely primarily on blood and gore in order to induce fear.



Rather, there are live actors in scary costumes that come at the patrons out of the darkness and taunt them, scream at them, speak in creepy voices, etc.



They have been known to grab, push and pull patrons in order to get a reaction.



There are also scary sounds like growls, eerie music, spooky voices, yelling, and so forth.



Highlights of the tour include a shaky drawbridge, a claustrophobic tunnel that visitors must crawl through, and a place where it appears that the walls are closing in on the visitors.



The most notable part of the tour is when the visitors, walking in complete darkness (often holding on to each other) suddenly see a sign that reminds them that they are going to die.



At this point their pictures are taken and sometimes posted on the Fear Factory’s Flickr account.


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SOURCE: DailyMail

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