9 Local And International Personalities Who Are Captivated By Liza Soberano’s Beauty

Liza Sobernano, without a doubt, has one of the most pleasing appearance in the world of our show business today. In fact, she ranked sixth in TC Candler “Most Beautiful Faces” list proving that her beauty is appreciated not only in our locale but also the international community as well. A number of celebrities admitted having a crush with the pretty young actress. These celebrities are not only limited here in the Philippines but also includes several Hollywood personalities. They just can’t help bu be enticed by the beauty of the half British, half Filipino actress.



Despite her huge following, Liza remained humble saying that she was to be known not because of her looks. It is apparent that Liza wanted to leave a mark in the showbiz industry for her acting.



Let’s check out some of the celebrities who, in one way or another, expressed adoration to Liza:


1. Enrique Gil
Enrique Gil Liza’s current loveteam, Enrique Gil admitted that he has feelings for the actress. Their pair up proved to be a hit with the recently-concluded “Dolce Amore,” which proved to be a hit.



2. Piolo Pascual
Piolo Pascual In his interview with Vice Ganda, the prime actor said that he is attracted to the young actress.



3. Sam Milby
Sam Milby stated that he has a crush on Liza. Sam Milby was the ex-boyfriend of Anne Curtis who also praised Liza for her looks.



4. Jason Dy
Jason Dy In the video above, while he is single, his celebrity crush is Liza Soberano. However, the singer said that he is courting no one at the moment.



5. Makisig Morales
Makisig Morales Child actor Makisig praised Liza saying, “iba po talaga ang ganda niya.” This can be considered as a high praise for the actress.



6. James McVey
James McVey of The Vamps Liza is a fan of the band The Vamps and have seen the concert twice. Band member James McVey snapped several photos with the actress.



7. Chainsmokers
Chainsmokers The duo tagged Liza Soberano as a hot gal and even tweeted that they are in a love triangle with singer Charlie Puth.


8. Charlie Puth
It has been controversial that singer Charlie Puth personally invited Liza to his concert. He also mentioned her in his concert.



9. Justin Bieber
Liza fangirls as she learned that pop star Justin Bieber followed her on Twitter.



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