LOOK: Mysterious Tree That Grow Fruits Shaped Like Women Discovered In Thailand

A supposedly holy tree in Thailand which bear fruits in the shape of young ladies seems to have been caught on camera. Images of the suggestively shaped green fruits has received mixed reactions social media, leaving some stunned yet others less persuaded.



Points of interest on the story are rare, yet some have proposed the the clip depicts Nariphon, a blessed Buddhist tree which develops the product of young female animals. As per Thai legends, a divine being named Indra planted the trees in a forest called Himaphan so the animals could protect his better half.



The holy trees which bear fruit in his wife’s image fill in as a diversion from the malicious animals while Vessantara is picking her foods in the forest. The animals would take the natural products back to their homes, at that point would make love to them. In the wake of doing the deed, they would rest for four months and lose their powers. As per the myth, after Indra and his significant other had passed away, the trees kept on bearing fruits.



You can watch the video below: 

There are said to be a number of Nariphon pods stored in Luang Pho Jarun at Wat Ampawan In Singburi Buddhist temple near Bangkok.


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SOURCE:  Daily Mail

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