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Meet Angela Muhlach, Niño Muhlach’s Smart And Gorgeous Younger Sister!

Meet Angela Muhlach, Niño Muhlach’s Smart And Gorgeous Younger Sister!



The Muhlach last name has pretty much evolved into a household name. However, you may probably have not heard of this female member of the showbiz clan. She is Angela Muhlach.

So why have no one ever heard of Angela, Niño Muhlach’s younger sister?





See, Angela isn’t attracted to the spotlight. Despite having physical features that could qualify her for the showbiz industry, Angela chose to focus on her studies.





She seems happy and contented with where she’s at in life. Angela just recently she graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering from De La Salle University.

Despite studying such a challenging course, Angela Muhlach surely did not forget how to live and enjoy the good life.





She is a certified “daddy’s girl” who loves to spend her time by having dates with their father, Alexander Muhlach whom she considers as her prince.




If you follow her Instagram account, you’d find out she’s a gal who travels — a lot. Like a true tropical beaut, Angela enjoys hitting the beach whenever she can, and she makes the most of it every time by trying out activities such as yacht cruises and boat rides. She even branded herself as “half mermaid, half engineering student.”





Once when she was 21, Angela even tried skydiving and experienced “the best seconds of her life.”

Furthermore, Angela has also seen a lot of the world beyond the Philippines. She enjoyed grand times in Rome, Santorini, Holland, and Paris, among others.








Isn’t she a total beaut?


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