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This Man Thought It Was Just An Ordinary Toothache. At The Clinic, The Dentist Was Horrified When They Discover “Something Growing” Inside His Mouth!

This Man Thought It Was Just An Ordinary Toothache. At The Clinic, The Dentist Was Horrified When They Discover “Something Growing” Inside His Mouth!



Most of us have fear of our tooth getting extracted. That is why whenever we have cavities in our teeth or experiencing a toothache, we tend to just ignore them and forego going to the dental clinic. But that is exactly what happened with this guy. And when he found out what grew from his molars, not only he was shocked, all the dentists were surprised, too!




A 36-year-old Taiwanese man with severe toothache sought help from a dentist last week.

The dentist checked his mouth for the problem – using an X-ray to see the damage. The dentist noticed the wisdom tooth was the problem and decided to get rid of it. It was severely bothering the patient and causing discomfort.



The dentist pulled out the man’s wisdom tooth. They were all shocked to found a guava sprout growing from it. It turns out that the man have poor oral hygiene. The bottom wisdom tooth of his was missing as well.



The space that was available provided the plant some room to grow. The dentist estimated that the guava sprout was about 10 days old.





According to the dentist, it is possible that the guava seed was able to sneak in to the tooth through the decay. And then germinated freely into his teeth as he has no wisdom tooth at the opposing gum.




The man was so embarrassed that he hastily left the clinic to avoid the shame and perhaps indignation at being turned into a freak show. Good enough, the dentist was able to take a photo of the rare discovery for everyone’s delight.

The animated video below presents the man’s molars after he sought dental assistance. The man thought it was just a simple tooth decay. So he went to the dentist for a tooth extraction. But, when the dentist checked and there’s more to it than cavities and tooth decay.



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SOURCE: San Francisco Globe

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