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Father With Serious Health Condition Thought It Was Just Another Therapy Session. But When The Door Opens, He Was Almost Left In Tears!

Father With Serious Health Condition Thought It Was Just Another Therapy Session. But When The Door Opens, He Was Almost Left In Tears!



A woman was planning to tie the knot next year when she heard some devastating news about her father. She decided to change her plans. And with help from the nurses, she was able to bring a delightful surprise to him in his final days.






On November 16, the couple got married at the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center in the company of their family, friends, and the nurses.


Rolan had absolutely no idea he was going to witness his daughter get married.



He didn’t even know there was a wedding scheduled.

“My dad didn’t even know we were planning this. I was working alongside the nurses and my bridal party. I actually was hiding from him in the hospital! He takes walks around the hospital in the morning so they decided to take him for his walk and then I turned the corner on him,” Vieneese said




“He was completely surprised. My father really was about to start crying. He was bragging. He was telling all the nurses, ‘This is my daughter. This is my daughter!’” Vieneese recalled her father’s reaction.


“With the help of his nurses, we were able to actually have the wedding at the hospital so that he could walk me down the aisle. We wanted him to be able to share this experience with us,” she said



Rolan succumbs to his health condition days later on Dec. 4.



“I’ve lost my Superman. I know he’s in a much better place and I know he’s no longer struggling, but I’m feeling a little selfish,” she wrote about her loss on Facebook. “That phone call hurt, the news hurt and even my last visual of him hurts.”



She is happy despite the loss. Her dad is finally no longer in pain.



“I saw him physically in his final days of life and he definitely was not himself anymore. Dad has lost his personality.,” she told PEOPLE. “He wasn’t talking. He wasn’t eating. I’m happy that he doesn’t have to go through that anymore. He doesn’t have to feel like that anymore.”




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