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Kind Couple Adopted A Chinese Orphan Girl. Years Later, They Discovered Her Incredible Secret!

Kind Couple Adopted A Chinese Orphan Girl. Years Later, They Discovered Her Incredible Secret!



Social media has become a great way to connect with people you’d otherwise not be able to reach out to. Many users use the service to reconnect with. From old school friends, distant relatives up to past coworker; the possibilities are almost endless. While refreshing old relationships is one thing, one adopted girl ended up discovering a relation that she never knew she had. A fluke Facebook post ended up expanding a family in ways they never expected.



A couple from Kentucky, Lisa and Gene Lumpkins, lovingly opened their home. They adopted four special needs orphans from China six years ago. It wasn’t that that they couldn’t conceive or anything like that – it was that they were in a position to help less fortunate children and give them the best start in life.



One of the children they adopted, Aubrey, struggles with cerebral palsy and emotional trauma. Aubrey endured neglection and was treated badly by her birth mother.



However, the Lumpkins’ were able to give Aubrey a reason to smile again. It was through her new home and loving new family thousands of miles away in Georgetown.

The Lumpkins had already had two biological children prior to adopting four orphans and thought their family was now complete. Little did they know, one incredibly coincidental Facebook post changed everything for them.



Lisa Lumpkin was scrolling through her Facebook news feed one day. Then, she stumbled across a photo of an orphan girl that looked eerily similar to Aubrey.



“My jaw dropped, they looked just so, so similar,” Lisa recalled the moment to People. “My motherly instincts kicked in, I knew they had to be sisters or maybe even non-identical twins.”



The two girls evidently shared a lot in common appearance wise. But the strict one-child law in China made it seem like it could just be chance. However, a DNA test ended up proving that the two girls were in fact sisters.



Aubrey’s sister, Avery, also suffered from medical condition. The Lumpkins knew immediately that they had to reunite the two siblings. However, this reunion would come with more hurdles than they had originally realized.



Avery was about to turn 14 in a matter of months. The girl would then be too old to be adopted by that time. The Lumpkins had to act fast.



Desperate to welcome Avery into their home, The Lumpkins started a GoFundMe account. The account later flooded with donations.



The successful campaign ended up raising over $50,000 (2.5 Million Php) and after the required paperwork, the family ventured to China to adopt Avery and bring her home.




Initially, Avery and Aubrey had language barrier between. But the two girls bonded instantly when they were finally reunited.




“They’re loving being together,” . “They remember being [at the orphanage in China] together, but they had no clue they were sisters.”



A chance Facebook post ended up finding two long lost sisters and the Lumpkins’ big hearts and determination helped bring them together.



“They’ve changed the person I am,” Lisa Lumpkins told the Washington Post. “Your values, what’s important…it’s not about how much money you have or the fancy car or the big diamond ring, there’s more to life. It’s about what you can do to help someone else.”



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