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Man Adopted This “Depressed” Looking Puppy And Took It Home Only Return To The Same Exact Spot The Next Day. Then He Learn The Little Dog’s Heart Breaking Story

Man Adopted This “Depressed” Looking Puppy And Took It Home Only Return To The Same Exact Spot The Next Day. Then He Learn The Little Dog’s Heart Breaking Story



Although animals do not express themselves in words, they actually have the same emotions as humans. A small white puppy on the mainland China is only a few months old, but it returns to the drainage every day, and looks sad. It turned the poor little creature has a story that will make everyone cry.




This puppy looks so sad and depressed. It does not run and play joyfully like other puppies. This little white sits silently on the drain cover.At first, the people won’t notice anything unusual. For the next few days the puppy is still doing the same thing. It went to the same spot without changed, looking sad and depressed.

A kind-hearted netizen then proceeded to bring the puppy home after discovering that the little puppy had no owner. But a few days after he took the puppy home, something unexpected happened. He did not know why it insists to go back to the drain cover it used to go before.



Just like before, its behavior and attitude did not change, it crawled on the drain cover and did not want to leave, plus occasionally heard it making a sad noise from his tiny nose.Coincidentally a pedestrian who seemed to know the puppy said “This puppy is still here?” unknowingly.



The puppy’s new owner immediately realizes why the little dog was behaving like that. It turns out that the creature lost its mother. The dog family tried to crossed the street when a passing car hit them. The little puppy survived but her mother did not. He thought that the dog still thinks her mother is alive that why it returns to the same spot to “wait” for her to return.

Since the misfortune, the little white was always on drain cover and did not want to leave it. It seems to be waiting for her to comeback. This event clearly shows that not only humans, animals also have feelings, but they do not express it like human do.



The little white stays in its owner car. It may still be confused with what is happening and still does not understand what death is. It may not even know that her parents will not return.

Its sadness only reflects how its heart was broken to pieces upon loosing its mother. Although nothing can replace the position of its parents but with the presence of its new owner he will continue to survive.



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