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This Woman Got An Eye Liner Stuck Stuck In Her Eyes After Doing This Common Thing Every Women Does Everyday

This Woman Got An Eye Liner Stuck Stuck In Her Eyes After Doing This Common Thing Every Women Does Everyday



Almost all of women uses cosmetic products like make up. Make up serves a lot of cosmetic function from hiding dark skin tones to highlighting some facial features. Putting on make up is one of the most common routine every woman does on daily basis. Women usually put on make up before going out. For career women, they do their make up while on their way to work because of their limited time. It may seem to be a safe and efficient practice until today.



This is the moment a woman got an eyeliner pencil lodged in her eye after the taxi she was travelling in slammed into a truck while she was putting on her make-up. The passenger, in her 20s, was sitting in the back of the cab in a slow-moving traffic jam in Bangkok, Thailand, and applying eyeliner on the way to see her friends.




But the cab driver then hit into a pick-up truck in front. The sudden change in momentum jolt the woman forward. She hit the seat in front while using her eyeliner and unfortunately thrusting the pencil into her left eye. The stick incredibly missed the vital parts of her eye. The woman’s eyesight should return to normal, according to medics who treated her.




He said: ‘The unfortunate event happened at 5.20pm in Din Daeng area of Bangkok while the lady was putting on make-up on her way out for the evening. ‘We received a call about one injured female with an eyebrow pencil inserted into her left eye. ‘She was in a lot of pain when we came but she could still talk to us and explain what happened.




There was not a lot of blood but she had a small nose bleed.’ The girl was still conscious and taken to the Rajavithi Hospital where medics removed the pencil without any lasting injuries. Thanabodee added: ‘The rescue team and the doctors did a great job to help the victim.  ‘This should be a warning to women who do their make-up while cars are still running because unfortunate events can always happen.




‘This was a strange event and unexpected but nobody can predict these incidents. We need to be prepared.’


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SOURCE: Dailymail

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