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This Guy Created A “Mini” Electric Chair And Executed A Cockroach Which Flew In His Room

This Guy Created A “Mini” Electric Chair And Executed A Cockroach Which Flew In His Room



An electric chair is a specially built wooden chair used to execute criminals who committed grave offenses.This method of execution originated in the United States. Authorities places a condemned person to the chair and then electrocuted through electrodes fastened on the head and leg. In the Philippines, the use of the electric chair as a form of capital punishment lasted from 1924 until 1976.



An artist has stirred up a frenzy on social media after executing this common household pest in a mini electric chair.

Sculptor Gabriel Tuazon snared the pest when it flew in through a window at his home in Pasig, Philippines, yesterday morning. He spent two hours rigging up a mini wooden chair connected to battery wires and a light bulb before strapping the bug down with a metal lid on its head.



Gabriel then filmed himself flicking the switch to send a current through the insect’s body which began twitching as the electricity killed it.

Can you guess which common household pest this guy executed?





Many commentators online denounce the act and branded the artist as a torturer. They condemned the stunt as animal cruelty.

Kristina Abatayo said: ‘Son of a b****, ew poor thing.’

Manuel Malingo wrote: ‘How can anybody think that this is acceptable. Every living creature has feelings. This is animal cruelty and it should not be allowed.’

Josef Dasco commentated: ‘We’re so cruel to other animals. Good thing we turned out to be humans. But what if we became the cockroaches?’




Despite the backlash, Gabriel was unrepentant about the electrocution. After the incident, an unrepentant Tuazon placed the cockroach in a ‘coffin’ – an old matchbox

Gabriel said he thought of hitting the cockroach with an object, but felt gross at the idea because it might dirty his working table.



“It all started when a cockroach entered my room. I opened my window because it was hot and this pest came in. He wasn’t supposed to come inside.”

He said he though of hitting the insect with an object. But he felt gross at the idea because it  might stain his  working table.



‘I trapped it alive using a plastic. And so the ideas came pouring in.’



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