WATCH: Here’s How Law Enforcers In The US Deal With Drivers Who Refuse To Show Their License

WATCH: Here’s How Law Enforcers In The US Deal With Drivers Who Refuse To Show Their License



A traffic stop ended in the apprehension of a woman from Georgia. The woman reportedly refused to roll down her window to produce her driver’s license. The resistance left the officers no other option but to use force to subdue the woman.

A Henry County Police officer stopped Lauren Angelica Law, 27, on North Henry Boulevard at Pinehurst Drive in Stockbridge around 3:45 p.m. when he observed her brake lights were out, according to a report filed by the department.

When the officer attempted to explain the nature of the stop and take her information, Law allegedly resisted.

The woman insisted she committed no offense and therefore would not hand over her driver’s license, Officer B. Parker stated in the report. She rolled her window down “three or four inches” and repeatedly interrupted the officer. The woman also recorded the interaction on her cell phone.



Law repeatedly referred the officers to a 40-year-old California Court of Appeals ruling, People vs. Battle. She said the ruling establishes that a traffic infraction is not a offense , and therefore she did not have to give them her drivers license since they were not accusing her of committing a felony.

Law enforcement agencies, prosecutors and courts across the country generally rely on statutes that require drivers to show their licenses to officers and deputies, when drivers are pulled over for any reason.

Law told officers she “practiced law,” Parker said. According to a video of the incident uploaded to YouTube, she is a college student.



In the video, Law cites case law, repeatedly telling the officer a traffic infraction is not an offense. She also repeatedly asks the officer to present evidence of her wrongdoing.

“I need to see your driver’s license,” the officer tells the woman in the video. He bent down at the passenger’s side window of her Ford Taurus, speaking through a small crack in the window.

“Is there an injured party, sir?” Law repeats several times.

”I’m not asking you,” the officer replies.

The officer then requested back-up.

“Multiple officers told Ms. Law to step out of the car, but she refused,” Parker stated. “We asked that she roll her window down (and) present her license, but she refused, continuously exclaiming she had not committed any illegal act.”



The officers then worked to break the window, using Parker’s baton to shatter it. The woman allegedly continued to resist the officers, all the while recording on her cell phone.

The officers escorted Law to the back seat of a patrol car, but she reportedly attempted to use her foot to keep the car door open. After asking the woman to pull her feet inside the car, an officer used her foot to strike the suspect’s foot “in order to get it in the car and keep from holding the door open,” Parker reported.



The officials transported the woman to Piedmont Henry Hospital for medical evaluation and discharged. She was apprehended on misdemeanor charges of willful obstruction of a law enforcement officer and improper brake lights and transported to Henry County Jail. She has since been released.

“The officers’ actions are being reviewed and preliminary findings show the officers acted appropriately and within the law,” HCPD spokesman Capt. Joey Smith said in an email. “We have also preserved the video made available on social media sites to use in court as well.”

Smith added his department is preparing for prosecution, and dashcam footage from the incident will be provided to Henry County State Court.


This is what happens when you refuse to surrender your driver's license in the US.

This is what happens when you refuse to surrender your driver's license in the US.

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According to the source update, Law eventually files for a guilty plea for obstruction of officers. She receivd 10 day stay in a correctional facility. Court also ordered her to pay $350 in fines as well as complete 80 hours of community service and anger management counseling.



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