This Video Shows How Your Kindness Affects You And The People Around You.

Every now and then, we are being reminded to always be kind to people even to strangers without expecting anything in return. Little that we know, these small acts of kindness can give great impact to people surrounding you.

Yes, indeed, kindness has no price. But in reality, most people sometimes forget to show it. We do not often notice how it could change other people’s perspective.

One good example is the short video clip Life Vest Inside posted that made everyone reflects on being kind.

This video was repeatedly shared on Facebook literally has shown the saying ‘What goes around, comes around!”

It started off when a man working at a construction site helped a boy who slid down from his skateboard. The man helped him stand and asked if the boy was okay.

Momentarily, the boy went on his way came across an old woman having troubled in carrying her things as she was trying to cross the street. The boy gladly helped her.

The old woman then, saw a lady searching for coins inside her bag to use for the Parking Machine but seems like she can not find one so the old woman willingly gave what she just needed.

With a grateful heart, the lady continued to walk and found this man who drop his wallet while walking. Without hesitant, the lady picked it up and gave it to him.

Looking surprised and amazed, this man somehow couldn’t believe what the lady did so he helped another guy who was having a hard time trying to lift a luggage bag.

The guy seemed so pleased and thankful, now decided to buy food for a long-haired stranger near him. The long-haired guy took the sandwich with a smile.

And while the man was eating the sandwich, he saw a teenager stood up and left a phone, so she picked up the cellphone, followed her and returned it to her without having second thoughts.

The teenager who looked suprised got her phone and continued walking. She then decided to buy flowers and gave it to an old lady sitting on a restaurant.

This old lady smiled at the sweet gesture of the teenage girl wondering why she was given flowers. She looked so grateful and left the resto happily leaving a huge amount of tip to the waiter.

The waiter who seems a little shocked with the bucks she received, continued on her work with a happy heart. She then provided every one a glass of water, including the construction worker who was busy working all day in the area. It turns out that he was the same man who helped the skater boy at the beginning of the video.

A 5-minute video that helps us realized how small act of kindness truly affects other people around us. So do not forget to be kind always. It pays back even if you don’t expect it.



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