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This Is A Video That Will Capture Every Bag Lover’s Heart Showing The Woman Who Has The Largest Luxurious Bag Collection

A flight attendant-turned-social media influencer, Jamie Chua, gives a jaw dropping tour around her expensive and luxurious bag collections.

This 44 year old lady became one of Singapore’s most empowered women and richest social media influencers by founding “Luminous 1”; a Singaporean beauty brand.

Shop. Indulge. Repeat. @ruelamode

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Aside from being a businesswoman, she is also a proud mom to two beautiful children Cleveland, 23, and Callista, 19.

She first posted her Hermes Birkin and Kelly Bags on her Youtube post. This lady has more or less 200 bags as of now. The reason she needed some renovations to her closet for her lovely bags to fit in.

She even added a fingerprint access to it, making it more awesome.

We know that Hermes collections with regards to designs are quite exclusive and pricey.

Nurturing teenage children as a single parent was not the easiest path we choose to take. I stress importance in cultivating the right values, instilling the importance of kindness and never to take anything for granted . We may have had heart breaking moments during their growing pains but a role as a mother was never an easy one. The reward comes when they grow up to appreciate your teachings and in turn realise how these harsh times comes with the greatest intentions. Supporting one another through the good and bad times. We are their role models and everyday in every way, I strive towards living my life by way of example, that make my little ones proud to tell the world, that my mother is Jamie Chua. #motheranddaughtergoals

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In an interview with designer handbag enthusiast PurseBop, Jamie said that she started becoming fond of Hermès more than 15 years ago. She stated, “Being the ultimate stealth wealth symbol that a Birkin or a Kelly was, everyone was suddenly lusting after it, which made it really hard for me to lay hands on one.”

“For me, it wasn’t about what it symbolized but truly how user-friendly Hermès bags were. Even until today, I still find that the B or the K suits my lifestyle the best. They fit the stuff I need for a day, and it’s really easy to find my things in them!” she added.

Her very first Hermès was a “Blue Jean (Togo Birkin 30cm) bag with white stitches,” which could retail up to $22,775 or PHP1.1 million online.

When asked about her favorite collections, the 44-year-old collector said that the Himalayan Birkin and the Kelly are her top “holy grail” (favorite).

Not only she has Bags collection but diamonds and expensive shoes. Her instagram posts will tell it all.

What can you say about her collection?  Is it really inspiring to have these kinds of collection or only collectors would understand the need to have more than what is necessary?

Watch the whole tour here:

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