Relatives Wonder Why Their Elder Gets Random Cuts And Bruises While On A Nursing Home. So They Installed A Hidden Cam And We’re Very Upset By What They Discover

Relatives Wonder Why Their Elder Gets Random Cuts And Bruises While On A Nursing Home. So They Installed A Hiddem Cam And We’re Very Upset By What They Discover



Many people choose to send their old parents and elder to nursing homes as they can’t take care of their loved ones properly and carefully. People generally perceive nursing homes to take care of their clients and guaranteed best comfort. Or are they?



Employees in a nursing home in Michigan are facing charges of maltreatment to an elderly wheelchair-bound man, who was recovering from surgery. A video captured the nurses hitting the patient’s head  and throwing him on his bed. They also caught the care personnel using harsh words to insult him.

Six children of the patient have filed a caseagainst Autumnwood of Livonia. They claimed that certain care personnel mishandled  their 89-year-old father – Hussein Younes during his stay there. His relatives decided to admit Hussein to Autumnwood in May after undergoing abdominal procedure.



CCTV footage captured the mistreatment  the 89-year-old father – Hussein Younes experienced his admission. The reason why the nurses did do is that they want to kick him out of the nursing home.

Hussein Younes suffered from a stroke. This left him weak and dependent to others’ care. Just after a few weeks staying there, the patient told his children that the staffs hurt him at the nursing homes. His children immediately investigated but the staff told that them patient experiences delusions and all he said was just false accusation.



The patient, however, continued to complain. His children also began to notice that there were several bruises and cuts on their father’s head.

One of his children said that his father lost a lot of weight while staying at that nursing home. He also had to suffer from serious anxiety attacks, causing him to shake, quiver, grunt and yell. “Which, we found not quite normal.” His son said to the media.

The family decided to set up a secret camera in his father’s room to find out the truth. That’s when they saw the kind of treatment their father endured.



Later in the video, the nurse said she ‘can’t stand this A-rab’ and all he does is ‘f***ing hollar’. Another nurse in the room then roughly picked up Younes from his bed and tossing him in his wheelchair.

At one point, when the elder grunted loudly, the nurse shook his head and shouted at him. ‘I’m sick of your stupid a**. Get you’re a** up in here. F***ing b****,’ she said in a loud voice.

The video also shows the nursehitting Younes on the head because he won’t stop grunting and making noises.


According to the family, Younes was denied water and had his ‘call button’ taken away from him so he couldn’t request assistance. The case also states that the nurses falsely claimed Younes was combative to try and get him kicked out of the nursing home.

Younes was removed from the facility in December and transferred to a local hospital then to another nursing home.

His son said he and his family came forward with their story to shed light on what Autumnwood did to Younes.

This Is Why We Need To Take Care Of Our Elderly As Much As We Can

This Is Why We Need To Take Care Of Our Elderly As Much As We Can

Posted by Artista Now Videos on Wednesday, August 29, 2018

” I’m here to tell the story to the media, because what happened to me and my dad and my family, what we’ve been through, is unbearable,’ he told Hometown Life. “The purpose that I’m here (for) is to let the world know that this place is no good. I don’t advise anybody to put their family over there.”

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