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WATCH: Man Under The Influence Brawls With MRT Station Security Guard

WATCH: Man Under The Influence Brawls With MRT Station Security Guard



Public or private party normally employs security guards (also known as a security officer) to protect the employing party’s assets (property, people, equipment, money, etc.) from a variety of risk by enforcing preventative measures.





Employers may allow security personnel use power and authority within their assigned area if unpleasant circumstance arise. But nonetheless, most guard follow directives to provided the maximum tolerance as much as possible.



Facebook page Radio Dagundong uploaded the video footage of the commotion between a MRT security and an alleged int0xicated civilian.




The video show the man in black t-shirt as he tries to throw a barricade toward the guard. But his companion immediately stopped his attempt. Not satisfied, he rushes toward the personnel in a fit of rage. The two then stumbled down the steps.






The scene started to become intense when he guy under the influence began to wrestle with the guard as he tries to seize what appears to be a service armament. The man who took the video immediately rushed to the scenario and aided the guard.





The altercation only came to a stop when the guard’s fellow personnel came to help. They eventually overpower and neutralize the offender. It took around three guards to control the situation.







But despite the presence of authorities, the man continued to struggle and resist being handcuffed.






Although no further information was provided on whom might initiate the brawl, the footage clearly shows the man under the influnce obviously used excessive force to the point that could harm not only himself but others as well.


Intoxicated Man Brawls With MRT Security Guard

Ang alak sa tiyan nilalagaw hindi sa ulo. Grabe si Kuya oh. Kawawa naman si Manong Guard.

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