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The Reason Why This Dog Left Him Is Truly Heartbreaking.

The Reason Why This Dog Left Him Is Truly Heartbreaking.

Our pets teach us more than we could ever imagined. They love us more than we may possibly hoped. Playing with them gives us the relief from the stress this world gives. So losing a pet is like losing your number one best friend.

The hardest part of losing someone is not having to say goodbye but the moving on in our life without them. Especially when you lose someone whom you already treated as a family and best bud for a long time.

For our pets who depart from us, they never leave us. They just stayed in our memories and in our hearts. Saying our final goodbye brings us back to the time when you bring him/her home. The time that they’re busy messing all over the house. The tiny paws and their soft fur. The innocent looks that makes us love them.

A netizen named Merv Tolentino Dumanat shared his heartbreaking story with his dog on Facebook after his Siberian husky named Shadow was diagnosed with blood disease that ended his life.

A video even became viral and it can be seen that Merv is weeping on the lifeless c0rpse of his much-loved pet Shadow. No words came out but tears of longing and gri3f.


As he bid his last goodbye everyone feels the pain. He put his furry pet in its last resting place in Pet Valley Park and Crematory.


According to Merv, this is one of the hardest parts for Shadow is friend and travel companion for roughly 6 years. He is his loyal companion. He said no amount of time can wipe away the memories of his best friend. It was really hard for him as you will witness on the video.

This is how this man loved his dog that he didn’t leave its side till the end. Have you experienced this before? Are you also an animal lover?

Netizens share their deep condolences on the comments and couldn’t help but feel bad for the man. Here are some of what they had to say:

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