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This Is Why You Should Never Leave Toddlers And Babies Unattended

This Is Why You Should Never Leave Toddlers And Babies Unattended



Babies and toddlers have very little concept of safety, evidenced by the way they may walk into – or sometimes lunge off of – objects without fear of falling or harm. As important as it is to teach toddlers about eating healthy foods and good manners, it’s also essential that they understand how to avoid harming themselves and how to address risk.



Avoiding hazard starts with the parent and how the home is arranged. Toddlers do not have the necessary understanding or awareness to keep safe, and need outside assistance. You can start by ensuring that your home is thoroughly toddler-proof.


Many people think that falling from the bed only happens to children who know how to crawl. But with a few-month-old babies, external impacts can lead to many risks. Like the sister in this clip, she want to hold her sibling when her parents are not there but she does not know how to hold him and the terrible thing happens. Therefore, parents must always take safe measures and do not distract your child for just a few seconds.



2-year-old girl and her brothers.



Perhaps she thinks that her brother is lovely like a doll.



She takes his blanket off and is about to hold him.



But she holds her brother in a very wrong way.



Both them fall down.


And no one can imagines the consequences.



From the clip, we can see how important attention of parents to newborns, just a little distraction can also lead to unexpected consequences.


Never leave your children unattended.

Alway keep eyes on your ones. Accidents are just around the corner.

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